Ortega RGL5EB-CE Guitarlele

If you’ve never heard of Guitalélés (or Guitarlele) don’t feel bad, neither had I until not long ago.
While searching for fun new little things to play with, I came across this intriguing hybrid, the brainchild of Yamaha (here we go again) which comes across as the love child of a ukulele and a classical guitar. In my youthful years I had been known to pack a ukulele just to have something to play with when traveling. So my curiosity was piqued and I ordered this little guy.

I liked it right away. While the ukulele tuning and strings give it a distinctive soft tone, the added bass strings provide a more familiar set-up for guitar players and give the thumb something to do.

APC GMX Side Hole Guitalélé

I had so much fun playing the above little guy – it is an instrument one literally hugs to play – that I decided that it’d be nice to have something with a better, tactile feel.
I found this little beauty, made of solid KOA wood (from Hawaii), which looks, feels and sounds wonderful. And it oozes a sunny island flavour that is so nice to wake up to – my favourite time to play.

Bit by bit, I am adapting Brassens songs to an instrument that is suited to softer approaches and sweet tones. It is a fun, joyous explore.

Le joueur de guitalélé – Didier Delahaye, 2023

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