Supplication to be buried on the shores of a faraway isle

IX La Supplique… is my favourite Brassens album, the one that I’d take to the proverbial desert island. Brassens is at his writing peak and from start to finish the songs absolutely shine. They are also perfectly served by the intimacy of their unique recording setting. No frills, just plain goodness. This is Brassens’ only true home recording – done in the warmth of his living room rather than in a studio for practical reasons rather than artistic ones. The end result is perfect in its simplicity.
Having had the privilege to visit the hallowed place, I was stirred to pay it homage in my own way, and I reinvented this home recording using my own tools, and in my own world which happened to be the Yukon.

Version française

Didier Delahaye: voice, guitar, arrangements & FX

Recorded in Haines Junction & Whitehorse
Yukon Territory, Canada
July-August 2012

My home on the range and recording setting
Moulin de la Bonde, Crespières, Yvelines, France
The cosy living room where Brassens recorded the album IX in the warmth of his country home.

IX (1966)
Supplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète Supplication To Be Buried On The Shores Of A Faraway Isle
Le fantôme Ghost Story
La fessée Spanking
Les quatre bacheliers Four Sophomores
Le bulletin de santé Bill of Health
La non-demande en mariage Non Proposal
Le grand chêne The Oak Tree
L’épave A Wreck
Le moyenâgeux Middle-Ages Crisis

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