CBC Radio interview for the nation-wide show C’est La Vie – Dec 17 2004

When I moved back to the Yukon in 2000 I discovered a territory that had evolved considerably since the 70s when I first lived there. Most notable was a very vibrant art scene, with proper infrastructures to boot. It was not long before I picked up the guitar again and took it to friendly stages over the next few years – music shop, coffee-houses, bars, city parks, museum, Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse – to the many festivals across the territory (Storytelling Festival, Frostbite Music Festival, Dawson Music Festival) and beyond, in neighbouring BC (Atlin Music Festival) and the NWT (End Of The Road Festival). I enlisted musical friends to my Brassens cause, taught them the songs, and together we embarked on the adventure of bringing Brassens to audiences who had never heard of him before. The music caught their ear, and some of the raunchier lyrics their attention!

Then, in 2005, I was invited to play my English ditties in France to Brassens aficionados, which was a hoot!

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